The almond tree is a very typical element in the Mediterranean countryside. After these trees there is a whole industry that has led Spain to being the second largest producer of almonds after the United States.

In Spain, the almond' production is concentrated in the Mediterranean coastal regions: Catalonia, Valencia, the Balearic Islands (Mallorca), Andalusia and Aragon.

Spain, as a producer, is also a major consumer of almond, either as an appetizer or as an ingredient in traditional nougat industry, marzipan and pastries. Almond is an important element in the traditional Mediterranean diet.

The almond tree is very robust, in the Mediterranean it can live between 60 and 80 years, even up to a century. With the olive tree, is one of the main trees grown with industrial end on the Mediterranean coast as extreme weather tolerate wet winters and hot summers and poor soils require.

Currently, in Spain there are over a hundred varieties, but there are five commercial types defined and selected from higher quality varieties, which are Marcona Largueta, Planet, Communes or Valencias and Mallorca. Of these varieties the natives ones are Marcona, Largueta and Planet.

All of them are characterized by having a non-porous hard shell that unlike the Californian soft-shelled varieties. In addition, Spanish almond has an exceptional quality for its higher oil content which makes them juicy, soft and with a more intense flavor.

The Marcona variety is the most expensive and sought after by the baking industry and nougat. Devoid of their shells, roasted until it acquires the desired tone for making soft or hard candies. It provides the basis for Appellations of Origin Jijona and Alicante, as well as for Quality Designation Toleddo marzipan and nougat traditional Aragonese. Furthermore, having less oil in its composition, is typically allocated to the production of fried almonds.

The Largueta is more elongated and narrower than the Marcona and is the variety most manufacturers employ snacks and appetizers. Also used in other typical Christmas sweets, chocolates and pralines.