DSCN0712According to preliminary estimates almond crop production 2013/14 will be lower than last season, at 24.92% less than the average for the last five years

The National dry Nuts, agricultural organizations, formed by BDA, COAG and UPA, Cooperative Agro-food of Spain, and the Spanish Association of Producers Organizations (AEOFRUSE) has made the almond production estimate, resulting in an estimation of 32,053 tons of almond kernel.

This is one of the lowest harvests of the last 10 years. There was a decrease of 30.48% compared to last season's harvest. This is mainly due to frost damage in February and March, which mostly affected early blossoming varieties, pollination problems due to continuous rain at the time of the blossoming and the exhaustion of the land because of dry periods in previous years.

Information from : www.asaja.com