We are nearing at the end of the year with practically no chance to deliver more merchandise within December because of existing commitments in all factories.


Considering that the Spanish almonds crop this year amounted to about 60.000 tons with probably about 38,000 tones sold there will be sufficient quantities of Spanish almonds in store to cover demand until the new crop is in. We have arrived at the end of the year with a strong market and practically no change in prices.


There are some varieties like Ramillete that have practically sold out with some problems to get larger sizes in all varieties, but we can easily find the usual sizes in varieties like Ferragnes, Guaras, Larguetas and Valencias.

Sales during this year in Spain have been very good because of the higher prices in the Californian market and the situation with the dollar.

Californian almonds are continuing with high prices and with significant decreases in exports.  It might be possible to see lower prices early next year in order to push sales. There will also be a need to watch the behavior of the dollar

So, we must to wait until January to get a clear idea of the real situation with the overall almond market and prices for the raw material