Everything suggests that the market will continue with a very strong demand until the Christmas holidays .

We are finding a shortage of merchandise at the moment.

Some Spanish varieties like Ramillete, Guaras and Larguetas are practically sold out, more so if we are talking about large sizes like 18/20

Many people in Europe are looking for Californian Almonds for prompt deliveries before the Christmas holidays and it is practically impossible to find merchandise, this is also provoking higher prices.

A slowing of demand is expected about early new year but only for January and maybe February ,because in March we will again have a strong demand for Easter holidays and between April and August (when the new crop will arrives), which is a  long way to go with practically no merchandise

So, if anybody needs Spanish almonds or even Calif. Almonds in the near future they will find high prices, though we will probably see lower prices in January and February with higher prices again between March and August until  the arrival of the new crop because of the shortage of stock.

Global demand for the nuts is also rising, which is fuelling high prices, with increases from countries such as China, and a rising number of people who are more aware of the health benefits of eating nuts and people switching from dairy milk to nut milk. California  Australia and Spain, are  seeing big rises in prices.